Demi Lovato – Ruin The Friendship (Audio Snippet)


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  1. We actually can't say if it's about Nick. The only person who knows who is this song about is Demi.
    But I really, REALLY hope it's about #Nemi.
    You guys are the cutest duo ever💙 and everyone of us would be proud of you 2.
    Nick knows all about Demi and the way he looks at her😍 Awww! My heart melts.
    If they would be together, Nick would totally treat her as a princess!

    Go for it, Princess Demi!❤❤❤+

  2. If Demi decides to make a music video for this i this it should star her and nick whether the song is about him or not that would make an awesome visual. Bc there’s meaning in their friendship and this song is deep asf

  3. I highly doubt its Nick. EVERYONE now knows who that person is, was and will always be. She said it in her interview and documentary. Her and Wilmer said they were going to remain great 'friends'….and I really don't think she wanted that. Why on earth do people think its Nick when the guy she says who saved her life was Wilmer?

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