Demi Lovato – Sober (Lyric Video)


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  1. You onely hurting yourself but i know that Demi Lovato that i know is strong and smiles no matter what. Maybe You dont want to fight , but You are cause You are the stronger than You know , i fight with You even If i am not there. Smile , I wish i can say more , but All i can say is Smile .

  2. My name is chyanne and I wanted to tell you guys my story my parents are goin thru a divorce rn so I turned to coke and anything I could get my hands on I would just sleep in a ditch when I did xans Bc my parents always thought of themselves and didn’t really think about how much it effects me and my siblings one night I attempted suicide and got rushed to the hospital and now I am 2 months sober still depressed buhh ig it’s a start for now 🙁

  3. You didnt lose a single fan Demi. Every single fan of yours is supporting you. No matter what happens we're always Lovations. We love you so much. Here's hoping you get better soon and suprise us with your music again 💕💕💕

  4. Now hearing some gossips about demi quitting Hollywood its so painful to hear…Demi you made me feel better and fighters sometimes fall out the wagon but we are fighters you are,and fighters dont quit…When you will get better I am praying to god that I will see you back on stage and watch your interviews again..Please dont quit,after fighters fall and take a rest you go back and continue what we are fighting for.. And you are fighting with us and you are not alone..I got anxiety and depression and I started cutting myself when I was 15 to make me feel better..and you made me feel okay,you made me tell myself "If demi get pass through it i will to"… please we love u and it will tore our heart to hear you quitting..I LOVE YOU SO MUCH i just want you to know. We have your back..

    You worked hard on this and you inspired million of people around the world and those who have been struggling with themselves..
    And this is your dreams…dreamers dont quit on their dreams right

  5. This music really break me in a lot of pieces… but I can't stop to listen 'cause I feel like I'm send positive energies for her… She's gonna come back more stronger than ever, and we'll be here for her… <3

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