Demi Lovato – Sober (Lyrics)


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  1. Today is my best friends birthday
    Lost him 2 yrs ago this December 2 a heroin overdose he had been sober for 9 months but went back 2 his ex who was still using thought he could save her
    He died 9 hrs after my 1st born came into this world just a couple hrs before he was supposed to come meet my boy
    I miss you everyday brother

  2. She’s no different to a drug addict on the street why is she treated differently none of you know her? I’ve got no sympathy for her she’s got all the money in the world she could get help but she chooses drugs when there are people out there who have no support & no family & are going to rehab to get help. She needs to stop feeling sorry for herself & lying to her fans & actually do something about it. She’s lucky she’s still alive my uncle took his own life because of drugs

  3. Instant chills….the fight is beyond real. The hardest is when you're alone, you just want to not feel anything and it hits you so hard that you don't know what to do. You go back into old habits. I know the pain and the struggle and it's no joke. I've lost every friend I have had due to my problems and God knows I would do anything to go back in time and fix it. To not make the choices i did and to feel whole again. It's so hard when you feel so unloved and forgotton…

  4. Don't ever apologize for having a disease. You don't have to be sorry that you're not sober. What you do need to do is get back up and keep fighting because you're worth every bit of the effort. There is a solution! God bless you Demi. Mark

  5. We all love you Demi never give up . You are beautiful and have a heart bigger then anyone I know . Life is hard but we all go through it even if it’s not the same . We are human no one is perfect. Our mistakes is what makes us learn and no matter how many times you fight keep fighting . We love you beautiful girl

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