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  1. Omg Demi I love you I love I love your song not sorry. and decided just recently too look you up and seen you perform.this song on MTV awards I gotta say I knew you were talented but I didn't know you could sing like this girl gone you got soul swag all that and you classy as hell not to mention your beautiful as hell I love with this song you hit the hell outta that note you bad mama keep doing that thang I love you Demi

  2. I don't know why you people admired her because she is not the real queen. But it is belong to the real queen that have died. 8 or 9 years ago and they didn't report it to the report people but they keep it by themself. The queen had a daughter and she is still alive today. If you people need to know her daughters, but you need to find her all by your self.

  3. I remember this tell me you love me by Demi she so beautiful as always and she sly all the time 💘😍 I love how she sang her song she the best i be on live to watch her 💘💘😜😍now new She sang 😘😘😍

  4. Im a girl im using my. Brothers profile picture. And i don't. How to change. It anyway some. People. You. Meet. Bring you down. When your falling. So don't. Know about your not sombody till you. Got sombodt

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