Demi Lovato vs. Carrie Underwood [Belts C5-F#5]


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  1. Demi's got better technique and knows how to mix properly. If the playing field was more leveled in regards to that, Carrie would win imo since her voice is a bit richer than Demi's. Btw if you're interested in ever revamping this video or using Carrie in another video, let me know because I can let you know which songs contain her best belts for each note.

  2. C5 (Both) – Demi
    D5 (1) – Carrie
    D5 (2) – Demi
    Eb5 (Both) – Demi
    E5 – I wanna say Demi but I think they were pretty even
    F5 (1) – Demi
    F5 (2) – Carrie (These are my favourite from her)
    F#5 – Carrie
    Overall I think Demi won (8-4), nice video!

  3. C5: Tie
    C#5: Demi
    D5-Eb5: Carrie
    E5: Tie
    F5: Demi
    F#5: Carrie

    So I guess they tie here. But Live, Carrie eviscerates her from the whole 4th octave all the way to E5/F#5. Although, I do think the better overall singer is Demi..but she's still got a whole bunch of things to iron out vocally.

  4. Demi's technique is a bit better but carrie's instrument destroys demi, and though carrie have flawed vibrato (very wide, wobbly) atleast it comes of naturally and my ears can tolerate it 😂 unlike demi's oh my fucking god she should stop that fake vibrato ASAP! It's the worst and the most unatural vibrato i heard i swear to death! and she should start working on how to stabilize her vocal line..her legato is so choppy

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