Demi Lovato vs Selena Gomez


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  1. Since its about personal opinions lets see what the majority of people thought.
    heart attack: Bb 100 peak: 10
    Come and get it: 6
    Neon lights: 36
    slow down: 27
    really dont care: 26
    Who says: 21
    Skyscraper: 10
    the heart wants what it wants : 6
    give your heart a break: 16
    A year without rain: 35
    Let it go: 38
    Naturally: 29
    Confident: 21
    I want you to know: 17
    So the only song of demi who was more succesful was give your heart a break. But you also took Let it go which came out 2013 and Naturally which came out 2009 but naturally still was more succesful. And you took Demis lead single Confident from her album and didnt take a single from Selenas Revival but Selena still won and if it wouldve been Good for you or Same old love they were on place 5 both. So i think the majority of people say Selena is the winner

  2. 1)Come & get it😍😍😍😍(I love heart attack but come & get it is a better)
    2)Slow down
    3)Who says
    4)The heart wants what it wants
    5)of course that a year without rain😍😍😍😍😍
    7)I want you to know
    5:0 Selena win!😊 sorry Demi…

  3. 1.Both
    3.Who Says
    4.The Heart Want What It Wants
    5.Give Your Heart A Break
    6.Let It Go
    7. So difficult… I Want you to know

    But Demi is more talented, Demi wins, though Selena's voice is so soft and comfortable

  4. People say Demi is better at singing so is Selena she can act sing and writes good songs Demi might have a high voice but Selena is nice talented and her songs are better for me at least so don’t hate in on me just gave my opinion i like Demi to but Selena is better for me

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