Demi Lovato – Yes (Live at Hillary Clinton Campaigns 2016)


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  1. wow… no one even comments on how fantastic and beautiful her voice is… just a lot of perverse comments on her body 🙁 Demi this was fantastic!!! You are an AMAZING singer… Like seriously… AMAZING! Rock on Demi!!! You're the greatest!!! 😀

  2. America is bullshit, Hillary has given her life to helping others but she is never acknowledged. The people believe the lies and are to moronic to realise that this woman is their saviour. She is not self serving, she didn't run to boost her ego, and she has and always will act in the best interests of her country no matter how it will make her look or how much resistance she will face. Trump was elected based on the lie that America will recover based on anything but hard work and time.Hillary wouldn't drastically alter the government, but she would have continued to let America progress through her determination.

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