Destiny’s Child – Survivor (Official Video) ft. Da Brat


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  1. no but my dad showed me to look at the bigger picture in life and always work hard and not to go chasing money like these other dudes too so yeah when you have one angry woman all these guys run to hide because it is not cute for women to get upset and guys to be playing these girls like whatever we deserve respect and honesty not just honesty from all these little boys or so call men

  2. Beyonce was telling us that she will do whatever she has to do to survive even if meant. She was taught to do whatever she had to do for fame and money and if she wanted something bad enough she had to do whatever it took to get it. She also worked extremely hard from childhood to get where she was, so she wasn't willing to give It all up just because of a secret society or occult. She faught to get here so she stays no matter what she has to do to keep her platform.

  3. and they still expect us to care for them and love them what if we did the same thing to them made bets on them for every girl that they caught with and we send them with some s*** girls with STDs I don't think they would like that get up and stand up for your rights girls cuz you know what it's wrong in so many levels for guys to treat us like we're nothing and for their hose to be living in luxurious houses

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