Disciple ‘Forever’ (Kari Jobe cover)


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  1. At 02:13, immediately after the singer says, "All of them," can anyone else hear someone say, "yeah, they're gonna rot in Hell!" ?

    If anyone hears it too, please let me know if it was the person recording, someone near the camera, or that I simply misunderstood what was said. If it turns out that I heard correctly and it wasn't anyone there who said it, then please continue reading this.

    Sadly, I became very skilled at Audio translations & deciphering sounds/voice recordings, unheard to the human ear. Yes, most will guess that I'm talking about what is called EVP or Electric Voice Phenomena, in regards to Paranormal Research.

    I have 20+ years of experience, and I'm absolutely ashamed that I fell prey to it, instead of seeing what "Ghost Hunting" really is. And that's simply modern-age witchcraft using modern day digital technology.

    I've been in the most "haunted" locations and captured some of the best known EVP's. Yes, these places are legitimate. But people aren't talking to "spirits" as far as people who've died. Every single EVP ever captured is 100% Demonic in nature.

    In the very recent past, God has allowed me to break free from that life & spared me for some reason. If I would've died prior to His forgiveness, I'd be burning in Hell at this very moment.

    So I wholeheartedly believe that He had me come across this video for a good reason. Yes, for the great message, but also for me to catch that audio and possibly open at least one person's eyes, who may be heading down the same wrong path that I recently was.

    I considered myself a Christian and was even "Saved" in a Baptist Church 32 years ago at age 12. And yet was on the fast track for an eternal burn! There's much more to my testimony, but this is already long.

    So if you're curious to hear more, please feel free to ask. By the way, did anyone notice my Photo? What's wrong with it? Yes, that is me, and left it as my photo to backup what I said above. Take care & God Bless…

  2. So powerful! Kevin Young sings with the most passion I have ever heard. Was this at GenXaret? Looks familiar. I go there for alot of concerts. Was there for Disciple's Long Live The Rebellion Tour. Again, another powerful concert. The presence of God was clearly there that night.

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