Ed Sheeran: A Team ( Cello Cover)


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  1. Could you do a cover of Ed Sheeran's Kiss Me or Give Me Love? I am getting married in August and he is my fiance's favorite artist. It would make our wedding ceremony unforgettable!!! Your work is amazing!

  2. This is so fantastic!(: im very glad i found this video. As a beggining cellist it is easier to play covers if i can see a visual pf the players left hand. So thank you so much. Your videos help a whole bunch! 😀 happy playing, friend.

  3. I really enjoy Ed's voice and style, but this song of his does nothing but romanticize the exceptionally bad choices made by one girl and indeed many others like her.

    As the brother of someone who made these same choices and is currently paying for them with a host of blood-borne diseases and other problems, I can see exactly how media that romanticizes this lifestyle has made it so much more appealing to vulnerable youths passing through a period of rebelliousness.

    Putting a lovely cinematic gloss on it is exactly the worst possible way to portray this.

    So I appreciate even more hearing this fine tune performed without lyric and with video of a person who has worked hard for many years to achieve something with the short period of life that we call youth instead of throwing it away or otherwise wasting it like so many other young people.

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