Ed Sheeran and Demi Lovato – “Give Me Love” Live (HD)


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  1. I help with there singing 🎤 before I love it 😊 I hope u guys too tell me how it want I there coach u love singing 🎤 it’s my passion and the the singing part of there’s I hope 🤞 u love 💕 them coaching and Corinne there captain of dancing 💃 and my partners Lexi and Chrissy and Emily and Faith and my Alina and my partner Alyssa and my sisters help me reach them sometimes just ask something if y want too love u guys come school at we and I only with my partners dance lessons only if u need it okay thanks 🙏 Corinne Davis singing partner is Haley Madison Salte my cousin and Aaron tucker my singing 🎤 partners. I hope 🤞 u have questions and I will answer them dance class will be this summer at my in dance studio Jcc or in on ball studios. Where u dance sometimes because there’s a class going in the studio. So see u there my dance partner is Jamie or Johna. Johna dances with my friend Lisa from camp and I dance with Jamie because he really good dancer. See u guys there have questions we will answer them. Or game zone we can dance in on the wii because my dance is the Wii U follow its for practice. The real is in front of people at Shabbat. Which is every Friday. Thanks Corinne your coach in singing and dancing. I hope 🤞 u enjoy 😉 and can’t wait to meet u. This summer. And follow your dreams.

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