Ed Sheeran – Bloodstream [Official]


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  1. There was a time when I was so lost…
    So alone in the mist and shredded darkness.
    Nobody around me.
    Took me a long time to figure it.
    But in the end… I realized life was worth it.
    Because you never know whats next.
    And just as things drop…
    They also bounce back up.

    Never give in.

  2. This song is legendary. Same status as Clocks from Coldplay.
    I heard an instrumental (with backing vocals) of Bloodstream from a hill in my town as they did the sound check for the Sheeran concert. It stops cities this music.
    DunEDin, as a town we paid for a mural of Ed Sheeran to be painted on the side of a building.

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