Ed Sheeran – One [Official Video]


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  1. Ever since I heard this song during his concert on june 29th, I have fallen in love with this beautiful piece of art❤ I'm also happy to call Ed my birthdaybuddy, since we're born on the same day & he's exactly 10 years older than me🎈

  2. February 14, 2019.

    Today I felt like I can’t do a single thing. The girl that I’ve been inlove with for 4 years might be interested with some other guy. She even asked me if she’s warm,… (cause that guy thought she’s cold). I told her she’s warm but I can’t tell her I love her and that I want to be with her and I wanna hug her and cook her breakfast each day. I can’t tell her that she means the world to me and that she’s the only one. All I can do is hope and pray that she says no to that guy and wait for me,… until it’s okay to tell her how I feel.

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