Ed Sheeran signature Martin guitar


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  1. +Red Dog    Huge question and also very very important for me in this moment. I want to buy a Fishman Isys , but the question is : Isys t or Isys+ . I've seen on the internet that are a little differences between these . I want the pickup to sound like Ed Sheeran's one when he's performing. What would you recommend me Isys t or Isys plus. And other important question, what is doing that "contour" button ? Is he responsible for that beautiful sound characteristic Fishman's pickups ? I hope you'd help me with your opinion as faster as you can. Thank you ! 🙂

  2. i was all ready for an amazing song…then i was like meh =/ no offense or anything.

    i can't help it though. to me, my wife has the best voice in the world <3 she was a professional vocalist at 17!

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