Electro Swing Mix – December 2018


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  1. Am I missing something here? The OP talks a lot about patrons, sponsorship, donations, etc, but surely what they're doing has no cost involved? They're just taking somebody else's songs and pasting them together into a compilation, the same as anyone could do on Windows Movie Maker at no cost. The selections are nice enough, but these are all songs that we've heard before on the many other electro-swing compilations. These aren't even new releases, many are from last year or earlier.

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  3. am starting to see a patten with these 1 hour mixes on youtube everyone is now doing

    00:00 DJ Mibor – Everybody Loves My Baby (Swahn Remix)

    04:02 DJ ZsuZsu & Wolfgang Lohr – In-Grid – Tu es foutu (Wolfgang Lohr Remix)

    07:04 Alice Francis – Too Damn Hot (Phos Toni Remix)

    11:05 Jazzbit – Sing Sing Sing







    and etc am starting to think these are made by a bot that posts them on youtube in different sub names because why the hell is people doing the … always on the 4th track its very odd and james adlam makes a good point i think this whole new thing with mixes on youtubes are just ran by bots to get money form you for posting more? no idea

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