Elvis Presley – An American Trilogy – I wish I was in Dixieland (High Quality)


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  1. Bottom line , he is singing about the Lord. The bible says there will be wars and rumors of war, brother against brother . Book of Matthew 10:21 …There will come a day when the Lord returns, Elvis knew that. RIP Elvis till the second coming of our Lord and Savior . Jesus Christ. His truth is marching on. The Lord loves everybody in this world , he created it ……Better song to listen to would be Building 429 " Where I Belong " Take this world and give me Jesus.

  2. I watched Elvis throughout his career. And in the 50'sand 60's Elvis was far ahead of the general public in his love for all people. Elvis had empathy for others and he cared. He's from the south and the land of cotton and he loved being from there. I feel the south should bury that civil war era and to quit living in the past. And maybe in some ways this song is inappropriate to some, but its such a beautifully crafted song and oh so powerful. Even Abe Lincoln thought it was one of the best tunes he ever heard. And no one can sing it like Elvis!

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