Elvis Presley – Hound Dog (1956) HD 0815007


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  1. He truly was amazing and I love the sounds he would make when he sung other songs like a hiccup lol it was soo unique. I love when he does this hound dog move he was like u want vulger here is your vulger u call me lol. I wish he would of lived longer for me to meet him. He truly was very talented in many ways and a good man. I will be visiting my cousins grave for the 1st time this summer , we finally are in a place to afford to take a vacation & I chose to go to my cousins home & grave to Graceland. I just cant wait & know I'm going to cry like a baby especially putting on the headphones to hear him speak to us about who he was even though I already know he was a great man & king good hearted man

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