Elvis Presley – Milkcow Blues Boogie (1955)


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  1. Thanks Mr AP, for sharing this song and video with all who love Elvis I have not heard this song before, but it awesome. Elvis knew just how to make the song sound just like he wanted it to. He could take any song he liked and make it his own. His voice was a little bit higher in his younger days but it just showed me what a really talented and beautiful singer he was then and through out the years of his career. It is just still so overwhelming to me that he passed on way too soon. Elvis cared about everybody, always wanted to help the less fortunate. Although I believe that some people took advantage of his kindness and generosity. I know that some people might be tired of hearing this; but I still believe that even though the Colonel did a lot in getting Elvis ' s concerts booked, and TV shows and etc. , but I feel that the Colonel knew how far he could go with Elvis, and when he saw an opportunity to take more than he should, he went for it. Financially, emotionally ( one thing by not allowing Elvis to perform in other countries; the colonel was in America illegally and was afraid he'd get caught and not be able to return to the states. At least that is one theory I have heard. I just think he would have been happier and more satisfied with his life and career if he had never been introduced to Colonel Parker. No one realized it at the time, but his life may have turned out much differently if he'd had a manager that cared more about what Elvis wanted. Joe Esposito gave the Colonel too much credit in an interview I saw . Anyway some of you Jay disagree with me and that's ok, I just want to enjoy the love and laughter he brings into my daily life. He will always be important to me and I thank my parents every day ( even tho they have both passed on) for making sure that I would grow up knowing who Elvis was. Thank you Elvis for always making my days a lot brighter. XOXO

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