Eminem – Walk On Water (Audio) ft. Beyoncé


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  1. Jesus ismk me cry alot meh jes a cup no salt water baptizy any dirt?meh dey name the 🐒 jack
    Sundy to sunda, tusdy to tusdy wendy to wendays thrusdy to thrusdy Fri to Fri sat to satdy; name ar fada sun hold e sprit amen 👀☠,😇🔥🚀👀☝single ar like waever bb

  2. One year ago, this day.. eminem came out of hiatus and decided to release something which no one was expecting especially the first single, so everyone created some opinion . I still remember listening to this like forever and going through all those moments and thoughts. It surely was something brilliant and so mesmerising. Thank you em for this ❤ forget about the haters. Revival will be a classic and will get its worth.

  3. People are simple minded and only want to hear him rap on good beats and be slim shady all the time. Don’t you get he’s a diverse artist and can do more than that??? This song is amazing and poetic. An artist like Eminem are few and far between. We need to appreciate him while he’s still here and giving us great music.

  4. We're not history. History is a tool for avoiding mistakes that have been made. Product of the roads we walked but not the road. We love you because you are a piece of the everything we love. Go team.

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