Every Old Taylor Swift in Look what you make me do Music Video


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  1. I really hate it how artists do these kind of important videos about their careers and dont focus on the characters. Same with beyonce’s pepsi ad. like they could’ve done a big ass documentary or something with this.

  2. Wow Sara you have better eyes than me. But you forgot 6 more old Taylors witch are, 1rst 2 old Taylors: 2009-2010 Love Story Fearless tour both versions that was also used as the you belong with me prom dress, 2nd old Taylor: 2011 ours music video, 3rd old Taylor: 2011-2012 dear John Speak Now tour, 4th old Taylor: ACM 2007, 5th old Taylor: VMAS 2009 red dress, 6th old Taylor: 2005 a place in this world

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