Everything Wrong With Lana Del Rey – “Lust for Life”


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  1. The video actually went perfectly with the song- the lyrics continuously refer to hollywood suicides and thats pretty much the entire meaning of the song. People in Hollywood have a "lust for life" but when given up they take to the H of the Hollywood sign to jump- it has happened multiple times in real life🙇

  2. I understand everyone should have the right express their opinion towards a subject. But, goddamn more that have of the sins were based on his opinion, or on his assumptions. I didn’t see the connection to the music video. Am I the only one?🙃

  3. This song is the dramatic conclusion to the starboy series of music videos. After killing the weeknd and assuming his life, starboy reunites with stargirl (who failed to kiss in time of the planets aligning when they first met in I feel it coming) its a scifi romance you wouldnt get it.

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