Extreme Ways-Moby (Lyrics)


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  1. I get giddy with excitement when I watch a Jason Bourne movie. Having read all of Robert Ludlum's novels back in the 80's (except some of those written later ) I'm a diehard fan of all the movies adaptations.

  2. I've been fan of Bourne since I was about 10 and didn't know much English, and after rewatching today, I realized I only know the song as "Oh baby, oh baby, there is telephone, a telephone".
    So here I am, at the lyrics video, 14 years later.

  3. I love Jason as a character.  I know what he had to deal with…because that's what I have to deal with. Every day. And it fell apart so often; not so much anymore 'cause I'm old. But in very many ways I am still very young. "Three strikes and you're not out…there is always one more thing you can do." LtCol Hal Moore; Ia Drang valley, 1965.

  4. Do any of you KNOW from experience what the fuck they're singing about? Ever see someone's head blown off, or nuts cut off? Not even that bad; how about watching an empty human being look for food in a trash can while people feed pigeons 30 feet away? Most of us have it pretty good, but others live in the pit of hell, hoping (if even that) there will be another chance for something, anything, around the next corner. So what do I have to cry about? Not a damned thing.

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