Flawless: How Beyoncé Created a Pop Anthem


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  1. this was amazing! Made me subscribe. This is everything I try to explain to people when they criticize her or the feminist movement but more eloquently and without the emotion I may feel in the heat of the moment. Next time I'll just send this to the person.

  2. It was a long journey but Flawless was Beyonce finally getting feminism so, so right! If you were a longtime fan, it was known that she was definitely pro-woman but had issues with conveying that without tearing down other women earlier in her career. She'd co-write Bootylicious but then take part in Nasty Girl. She'd hire an all-female band or sing Run The World but include lyrics like "my persuasion…he'll do anything for me". And at one point she said she wanted to invent a new word for feminism which…yikes. But Flawless was like YES she hit the books, she educated herself, she improved upon the errors of her previous efforts and delivered this perfect mission statement on what feminism is, and it kickstarted this pop mainstream acceptance of it that we're still seeing today.

  3. Feminism was never really a fringe thing that people didn't want to associate with. There became a very contemptuous segment of feminist that were very militant and more anti-man than pro-equality, and the whole movement was tainted by that. But for the most part everyone understands that feminism is about equal opportunity and treatment of women; And for that reason, most Americans are feminists to some degree. While I think anyone that has a platform should be allowed to use it to voice their opinions, I do find a sick irony in the women of pop music pushing feminism when the business model they're a part of is one of the most chauvinistic things still in existence. Where are the female pop stars that don't wear makeup, where's the unattractive pop stars, where's the pop star that isn't selling sex as part of the overall musical package, where's the pop star that doesn't appear in their videos because what they look like shouldn't matter, where's the pop star that isn't essentially being pimped by a male driven record company. I want music to be a place where talent trumps looks, where you can sell ideas other than sex, and a place where a little girl that doesn't feel pretty or refuses to be a sex object can look at the industry and feel like they still have a chance

  4. This is my favorite Beyoncé album, when I really started to listen to her as a true artist. Yes she can sing and dance and out on a hell of a show. But this album she really had something to say as a whole.

  5. Fuck this channel preaching bullshit. Women in America are not oppressed nobody black brown yellow red or white gray or straight are not oppressed. Fuck beyonce anyway shit ain't music just a racist bitch howling like a boon.

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