Forever with Lyrics (Kari Jobe)


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  1. love the song I really do but very leary when it says morning sun was dead because the bible clearly states lucifer as the son of the morning and how he was fallen. Jesus never fell according to the bible not saying this was on purpose but satan is a deceiver and wants to be worshiped Isaiah 14:12 kjv. other bibles also change this verse. worth looking into. Jesus saves!

  2. I am so sorry Lord. For my sins. I did something this morning, I had a bad grade in school, and I need my parents to sign it. I tried to sign it, and when we were sleeping, I was wide awake, cause what I did. When I woke up, I had to show it to my mom and my mom got mad at me because I have a bad grade AND that I tried to sign it…please forgive me my Lord

  3. This video makes me wonder, "How much DID Jesus love us?" Then I remember when he answered by stretching out his arms and saying, "This much….." and then dying for our sins. Thank you for our salvation!

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