“Gift of a Friend” by Demi Lovato – Cover by Reese Oliveira from One Voice Children’s Choir


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  1. You are an amazing little girl with such a beautiful voice! I love to listen to your songs, especially this one, because it remembered me at my best friend…friends are a gift of God and you must keep them tight to your heart, every moment in your life!

  2. You are so talented well done you should be so proud you have an amazing voice, I know you will probably never read this but I just want you to know that I don’t know much about singing but this swept me of my feet I don’t want it was but you inspire me so much I’m now subscribed ! Love you xxxxxx

  3. Hi my name is Raymond Garza Junior so I am playing my guitar every song on YouTube Reese so I hope someday that you can come and sing music in the park in Bensenville Illinois so I am a special needs adult and I live with my father and brother and also if you do come to Bensenville music in the park I will play My guitar for you and also you are a real good YouTube singer so if the young girls who are you saying they will Clap for us because I am not a real good guitar player Reese

  4. I hadn't listened to the words before tonight.
    Friends are really important. All my friends are out west where i lived before. i see them on Skype sometimes. but it really isn't the same. i really miss them!

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