Gods & Monsters – Lana Del Rey


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  1. everyone is entitled to their opinion. I feel like anyone who believes that Jessica Lange's version of this song is superior in some way is fooling themselves- Jessica Lange performs fantastically but you can't compare her auto-tuned version to the original. 
    Lange is imitating Rey's sound for a reason, in a German accent to maintain character (an impressive feat). Perhaps that is why people prefer her version, for the twist? I feel like a lot of people are oppositional because they want to feel hipster. Also the epic visuals that accompany this song in American Horror Story fortify Lange's performance. Lana Del Ray, from a vocal standpoint, would rip Lange off of the stage; this is because Ray is a singer- as Lana Del Ray wouldn't expected to be able to act within the same league as Lange. 
    Both versions have their own power to them, but I know who I would want to see performing this live and that's Ray hands down. 
    Hats off to both. 

  2. It lseems to me that every character Jessica Lange plays in AHS is some version of Lana Del Rey – glamourous, intense and decadent.
    But who resembles Lana the most is Sarah Paulson, especially the lips.

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