Greatest Hits Of The 60’s – Best Of 60s Songs


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  2. Complete playlist

    0:00 The Sound Of Silence

    3:05 Will you still love me tomorrow

    5:47 Mr. Lonely

    8:30 When a man loves a woman

    11:25 It's Now or Never

    14:42 Venus

    20:44 Stand by me

    23:46 Are You Lonesome Tonight?

    26:52 Love is Blue

    30:02 Silence is Golden

    33:10 Hey Paula

    35:41 Tossin' and Turnin'

    38:07 In the summertime

    41:40 Bus stop

    44:33 Doo Wah Diddy Diddy

    46:57 Hit the road Jack!

    48:56: In the summertime

    52:26 Early Morning Rain

    55:33 Sugar sugar

    58:22 I'm a believer

    1:01:06 Aquarius let the sunshine in

    1:05:54 Downtown

    1:08:51 Because

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