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  1. Not for a minute,was i forsaken…..Our lord will never leave us like orphans.He is always with us,watching over us,guiding us in our lifes.This songs reminds me that the lord is with me when am in difficult situation,all i need is to call upon His name and He really shows up.
    This is a song of hope for the hopeless in Jesus Christ our saviour.

  2. This song makes me cry everytime I listen to it, I cried my eyes out the first day i heard it at church (HOPE CITY HOUSTON TX). I’m glad I found it here. My Replay button hates me now 😂🙏🏾

  3. I recently just broke my ankle, and then found out it was a lot worse than expected, so going into surgery tomorrow. So for the last couple of days my anxiety has been really bad, but it was in that moment that I heard a voice inside me to not only start praying and talking to God, but also reach out to people as well, and so I did, and in that instant of talking to God about my anxiety, I felt a breeze brush against me, and I just began to felt a lot of peace, I’m still continuing to pray. But also request if anyone may pray for me as well, and I’ll pray for everyone out there as well.

  4. Wow…this is such an encouragement to me. I'm currently in this gap year before I attend arts school, and it's been such a long ride for me. I dropped out of school to pursue homeschooling a year back. In those times, I struggled with the adjustment of environments, given that I was used to conventional schooling all my life. I distinctly remember being pained over the fact that I didn't know what career to take. I was very much torn between what people wanted for me and what I wanted. People were pushing me for law (or medicine) and it was something I kind of took interest in, but my heart was for the arts. It pained me so much because my mom (who's an artist and writer herself) discouraged my passion for the arts. I remember fully surrendering my passions to God, telling Him that wherever He willed for me to be, was where I would prosper and glorify Him the most. As young as I was (and still am), God fully took control from there. God used my homeschooling year (and the people in my life) to lead me to His will and confirm it for me. I knew it was a go signal from my mom when she gave me her blessing to pursue the arts earlier this year. I couldn't believe hearing "go for it" from her. :')))

    By God's grace, I've finished my homeschooling year despite wanting to give up. (Hence the gap year) But recently, I've been so overwhelmed by everything. Everything is finally aligning towards God's will and the change is startling me a bit. I'm excited but I'm also scared of the uncertainty of everything that comes with God's will. Hearing this song gives me reassurance that God is with me, and He's going to be with me throughout this whole process. He is in His place; above all things and eternally sovereign. He is in control of my situation :'))

    So to whoever is facing the uncertainty of the future, I claim Jeremiah 29:11 over you. God has great plans for your life, and He will never forsake you. You are His work in progress and you are part of His kingdom. You are heaven's representative! Go and shine for Jesus! <3

  5. Hi! My name is Carly and I am from the Philippines. I made a ukulele cover of this song because Elevation Church has been helping me a lot in my walk with God. I hope you get to listen to it because this song is one of the worship songs of Elevation Church that has the strongest message for me when it comes to finding it difficult to look to God when difficult circumstances occur in life. Here it is: 🙂 God bless you for your God-given talents!!

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