How to Sing “Holy Spirit” (Kari Jobe/Francesca Battistelli/Bryan & Katie Torwalt)


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  1. This is Amazing!!!!!!! I am blessed by these tutorials from you nd u r just vry much alike Kari jobe and also sing like her….
    After watching this I began to understand how the contemporary singers vary their vocals and personally I practiced it and improved a lot!!!!!!
    Can u plz make a tutorial on Hosanna(Hillsong)sung by Brooke Fraser.
    Thank u vry much "Charmaine Brown" for all ur efforts and hope to see more tutorials frm u nd May God be with u……

  2. Im so eager to be a song leader, I believe God will use me in the music ministry to fulfill my purpose this helps a lot .. thank you very much Ms. Charmaine 🙂 🙂 🙂 .. hope you also demostrate how to sing the "revelation song- Kari Jobe" . 🙂 Gobbless 👍😇😄

  3. Finally, I found a vocalist training in worship and using songs that glorify Jesus. I am so happy for this. You are God sent. Please continue this ministry. Looking forward to training with you. God bless you for this. Do you have a website where you do actual vocal lessons, like adlips, riffs and runs, generally leading a group into worship?

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