Is Demi Lovato The QUEEN Of A5’s?


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  1. Her glottal tension here is very bad. Her larynx is very high. She literally pushed. But her mix are way better, she can do mix with a dominant chest voice. Her A5 still unhealthy but her tones are way better than before (when she can't do a proper mix, her upper belt was very squeek and annoying)

  2. When I think of A5-B5 I always think of SoHyang, I say the title goes to her, but Demi has done some pretty amazing C5's

    I know I'm gonna get hate for saying this (and I really don't care) but Demi's A5's sound like she's just plain screaming

  3. Um sis no… please change that title…. Demi can’t even BEGIN come close to that level… Sohyang is the queen of A5s. Demi’s attempts are cute, but she isn’t anything compared to a true queen who can hit the note properly and resonantly. She sounds like a dying cat compared to Sohyang.

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