Journey “Open Arms” (with Jonathan Cain solo) Live in Fresno, CA 10-12-2011


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  1. Cain is a good pianist, but his solo work could never sustain a whole album. I know he's put out quite a few, but it becomes just too new-agey and repetitive. Works well for these short solo interludes. Really think his talent lies in his song-writing contributions.

  2. Arnel has a lovely voice and does a credible cover of Steve and Jon's song, though clearly in a lower key than Steve did it originally. His enunciation has improved with time, too. For a band that wants to keep touring, he makes a really decent substitute, as much as anyone ever could when trying to fill the shoes of the master. Would love to hear some SOLO Arnel stuff versus just Steve covers, however, so he could create his own niche.

  3. Thank God Arnel doesn't sound identical to Steve Perry's; he's a great musician in his own right. The. band wants to preserve a certain "sound" they are. famous for, and Arnel has the voice and style that the band still as a very district sound even though Steve is no longer there. I can tell the difference as. most. people probably can, but it's a really good group with. fantastic musicians who still have the same style and sound as a group. Yes – just enjoy the music! It's soooo good; I love

  4. "The Voice" of Journey always has and will be Steve Perry, all of the others are close seconds and posers. Having said that, you can still see how much Cain and Schon enjoy playing, and if it provides entertainment to the masses let em do it.

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