Just The Way You Are – Bruno Mars (Skrillex Remix)


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  1. Really as soon as someone points out something that proves you wrong you have to resort to swearing at them? Obviously skrillex isn't mainstream you see no other artists out there like him, and if he's so shit reply to this with a video response of you doing better

  2. Alright, it is fine. Thank you for showing me that he did make it. It just didint sound like his style, also we all know there are a ton of fakes out there so I guess I should look into before accusing. Thank you,


     SKILLEX is an American electronic musician and singer-songwriter. Growing up in Northeast Los Angeles and in Northern California, Sonny Moore joined the American post-hardcore band From First to Last as the lead singer in 2004, and recorded two studio albums with the band (Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has a Body Count, 2004, and Heroine, 2006) before leaving to pursue a solo career in 2007.[1][2] He began his first tour as a solo artist in late 2007. After recruiting a new band lineup, Moore joined the Alternative Press Tour to support bands such as All Time Low and The Rocket Summer, and appeared on the cover of Alternative Press' annual "100 Bands You Need to Know" issue.[3]

  4. es la mejor combinación del mundo mis dos artistas favoritos juntos los amo

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