Justin Timberlake – Señorita (Official Video)


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  1. Imagine walking into some random bar at like 2:00 PM (weird) and it's full of 10s and 11s just sitting around listening to a sucky six-piece ensemble (even weirder). So you try to sit down and hide that you're staring at these women completely openly because they're the most beautiful you've ever seen anywhere, and you order a glass of what? Water? It's like 2:00 PM, unless everyone is looking to get crunk before even sunset. So everyone is sitting around ordering waters, listening to a crappy band make the already weird vibe even weirder. Then this group of random dudes gets up on the stage, takes over the ensemble, somehow manages to draw like eighteen more people inside, and gets the entire group grinding all over each other like its 12:30 in a night club. Meanwhile you're attempting to follow the energy of the room, but it's so sexy in there that you can't take it, and what are you gonna do go approach a stone cold 10 and dance on them like you both weren't milling around, drinking waters and doing nothing three minutes ago? And then the group stops playing after one song, and all of the men and women pair off and leave the bar, supposedly to hook up, still at like 2:00 PM, and you're just there with your water wondering what on Earth you just experienced and hating yourself for not making a move. What a weird day.

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