K-Ci & JoJo – All My Life


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  1. Every word in this Song describes my life , what Iwas Feeling, Thinking, & Praying. Because this Spng Played out in My Life. My Wife shared this Song with me when she fell in love with me. We decided to get Married. We both come from Terrible previous Marriages. I was looking for a Bon Jovi Song because Iam a big Life time Jovi Fan. But I could make any Jovi Song work. Just wasn't Feeling it. So I went & listened to this Song again. This time I listened to every word. When The line came around of IPrayed for someone like you , My Heart Melted, & I Cried with Love of Gratitude, because God put it all Together. When we Danced to this Song We Looked into each others Eyes & Cried, & Embraced Eachother. It was like living a Dream comeTrue. My Lovely Wife Terry & I will be Married 8yr in Aug 12, 2019 & have dated For 2yrs. Crying now as I write this. Thank you for the Connection our Hearts had &. Still has with this Heavenly God sent Song.

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    As I listen to this great song, over 20 years I thought they were dedicating this to a special lady. Overall they are speaking to the higher feminine energy within them to find love inside,To love yourself, to be in a relationship with yourself. In history we were taught to love others but not ourselves. I called upon the universe to let this message reach at least one individual,to never love someone more then you love yourself. Fall in love with self.

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