Kari Jobe, Cody Carnes – Cover The Earth (Live w/ Lyrics)


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  1. I have visions sometimes. Once a few months after getting saved thee ark of the covenant came over me as I laid on my stomach. There were 3 very Jewish looking angels wearing head wraps. I was shocked with electricity and flipped 5 feet onto my back because I was tired and ignoring the vision. The ark opened and I spoke with God for hours. I had many questions and he answered them all. The last question I noticed he became distraught “i made you too smart” he said. “Your Sisters have Never questioned me”… If you’re still reading I’ve also been to heaven several times in dreams. There is something the angel lady (about 4000 years old…)called the “plan garden” it was documentation of every moment of every persons life. So this or that angel would know what to do when… “I will pour out my spirit on all flesh, your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will have visions and your old men will dream dreams” more people are experiencing this. And Gods Chosen are coming to know a Yeshua! What a time to be alive. I see heaven and hell are coming to earth. I have word of knowledge lots and people are shocked. I’ve had people I’ve never met bawl there eyes out. Fight satan, this is the last minute, he won’t sleep and neither should you…

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