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  1. so so so so good, this song has grown on me so much, literally been my anthem the past week or so since ive first heard it. I love the bold nature of the lyrics in the Spirit's intense pursuit. Sounds like Heaven is invading Earth, and even so Lord Jesus come, come in power and strength and glory and might, because we need it!

  2. I love this song so much, I set it replay for so many days now, and I love them all for sharing there amaizing Music video to us,

    And we will pray for you dear sister Kari for safe delivery on your baby,..
    I really would love it to be a baby Girl, ( I am just say, she's amazingly could be having a Girl according to her baby pregnancy in her body figure, )

  3. How will it feel like if me and my husband could do what we love and worship God at the same time? I'm not married yet but I pray that my husband and I will worship God this way. PS. The Spirit is HIM

  4. I discovered this song several months ago on Spotify (Daniella Mason's version) and added it to my favorite song's list. So cool to see Kari Jobe and Cody Carnes singing it and to hear the story behind the song.

  5. this Kari Kobe is probably the first anointed Christian I've seen in awhile. she is amazing. here's the thing though. some people bless while others are making a profit. we sing a joyful noise but we don't turn around and charge people for hearing us sing to God. the world does that. now this girl has an anointing on her life and I would WILLInGLY give her a donation to help her. I'm not moved by many of the artist today. most try to sound like secular artist. seems like more people are singing Christian music today. I ain't no fool. their are wolves. trying to make a profit as people tried to do in the book of Acts. using Jesus name. it is terrible to see how these artist charge money to play music. what about those who can't afford it. but want to worship God. this whole deal of Christian music is out of control. and if that's not enough. now they hold award shows. Jesu said" be you in the world ,but not of the world. and could someone please show me somewhere in the Bible where singing praise and worship should have a price. don't worry I'll wait. you won't find one. God have mercy on us for allowing such a thing to happen. may we be ashamed n repent of our selfish and decieving ways for allowing ourselves to think this is OK and for decieving the masses. oh, it may seem right but it's not the Father's way. He allows this just as Jesus said of divorce how the religious leaders said it's OK to divorce. yes, we're not perfect. but is their no one found who like Paul , is crucified with Christ and willing to please God. people pleasers. that's what gets in our way. that, and greed. the god of this world has blinded their eyes. pray that we awaken to this deception and go back to the true worship of God. in spirit and in truth.

  6. I love this song so much !!!! It is so inspirational and has gotten me through a lot!!! And you sing it so beautifully Kari!!! Love you so much and can't wait to see what else God does through you!!

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