Kari Jobe: Find You On My Knees (Official Lyric Video)


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  1. This song is me word for word I know that i'v had so much brokenness till the only place I could be was on my knees to God and I had nothing to offer but he never disappointed me he is always here with me I want to encourage others to never give up no matter what get on your knees when it gets tough go to him tell him everything he will listen and he will be there for you I cry when I listen to this song it touches my heart and makes me know just how much God has done for me in my life I wish for as many people as possible in the world to come to God Lord Jesus is everything without him you have nothing with him you lack for nothing he will heal your brokenness just trust in him

  2. Thank you so much sister kari jobe. Thank God for your dedication and love to God . Thank you for the wonderful thought given to you by the Holy Spirit God to write this song to lift every broken spirit to live again with an everlasting power. Thank you so much sister. 😍

  3. Been thinking about the same girl since 10. She became a obsession, a beautiful one. A love so innocent and true. By high school she was back in my life, but I was shy. I pursued her and it freaked her out. Then I spent 3 years in a cart pushing job grieving😭 I found God in that parking lot. I fixed myself up, lost that job, went back to college and got into fitness. Not for just her, for God, for me. And now I met her on social media, wanted her to trust me again, but I pushed too hard. She knows my heart though, knows the grace I feel for her and believe. But have to move on and I don’t know how. How can she even live with this😞? Plz God, tell me all those days of “love” and tears weren’t for nothing. I will always love Lisa🌸, even after I find another. So sad.

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