Kari Jobe – Forever (Revisited/Audio)


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  1. Parabéns a todos da produção da Kari Jobe por desenvolverem melodia
    contemporânea para a todos que curtem! Muito bom!
    A Deus toda Honra e Glória amém!!! Um abraço kari Jobe, espero vê-la aqui na minha igreja Assembleia de Deus Vitória em Cristo, cujo presidente é o meu pastor Silas Lima Malafaia. Deus abençoe a todos amém.

  2. can you imagine, what went on behind the scenes, when the Lord was confronted by what happens in the afterlife?
    I could not conquer the King of Kings,
    When realizing the were going for another soul and then realizing it was the Lord God they were face to face against.
    He ( Jesus) is so awesome.

  3. Whatever kind of version it is, we should all be thankful for being able to have the right to worship freely, whichever way we do it. There are many people who are killed if they are found as a Christian, and being able to worship freely is their biggest wish. We should not be complaining about the fact that the version isn't good, we should be thankful for everything we have. God doesn't care if you have the worst, off tune, or gruesome voice, so we should praise with every single bit of our heart. We shouldn't be judging something by the way it sounds, but by the things it talks about. To be honest, even I have trouble doing that, and we should all pray for ourselves and each other to be able to be thankful for everything we have.

  4. Love this song, the original is good too. I like this one better, even though some don't. It has the different sound to make it more personal for me when listening, it makes it more exciting in my opinion.

  5. My children and I love this remix. My children prefer remixes but they also enjoy singing the original songs when we're in Church. When they hear a different version they're like oh that's the song we sing in Church then next time in Church they seem more excited about the songs. They have a deeper appreciation I guess.

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