Kari Jobe Healer


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  1. B
    Ты держишь жизнь мою Бог
    E F# B
    Ты бурю усмиришь.
    B F#/Bb G#m
    И сквозь огонь пройду я
    E F#
    Меня Ты исцелишь.

    C#m B/D# E
    Доверяю я
    C#m E F#
    Тебе мой Бог

    B G#m
    Верю я, Ты Целитель
    F# E
    Верю я, Ты так нужен мне
    B G#m
    Верю я, Ты Удел мой
    E F#
    Верю я, Ты больше чем нужно мне.
    G#m F#/Bb E F# G#m F#/Bb
    Иисус Ты нужен мне

    G#m F#/Bb B
    Все возможно для Тебя мой Бог
    G#m F#/Bb B
    Все возможно для Тебя
    G#m F#/Bb B B/D# E
    Все возможно для Тебя мой Бог
    G#m F#
    Ты держишь мир в руке

  2. Healer by Kari Jobe is really pretty and on one of the Severe Autism video's I watched where this Autism boy Robbie had a seizure and ended up in the hospital and this song was playing in the back round and God is our healer whenever we need God to help me through tough times this is a very emotional song

  3. What a pretty song Healer Kari Jobe I heard this song on another youtube video where this Autism kid Robbie with severe Autism and this song was playing in the background when Robbie the severely Autism was having seizures

  4. Today is Tuesday January 9th 2018 and I just wanted to post a comment on this beautiful Christian song Kari Jobe Healer because on Sunday January 7th of this year 2018 is because on that day my Grandma passed away at the age of 85 because my Grandma was suffering in a lot of pain and my Grandma was very sick and very weak and she told me last week when I went to say goodbye to my Grandma she was ready for God to take her to heaven and the main things I miss about my Grandma just passed away is being able to play games every week mostly Monopoly and I also miss my Grandma being able to take me to Church every Sunday and I also really miss my Grandma and her wonderful cooking and this is a very emotional song that brings me to tears every time I play this song on YouTube. My Grandma's funeral is tomorrow and my Aunt Donna who lives in Washington DC and my Uncle Randy who lives in Washington State and my Uncle Roger who lives in Myrtle Beach SC all are here visiting me in Mims Florida because they all came to visit me tomorrow at my Grandma's funeral and God is my healer right now because God will heal me and my family so my family and I don't have anymore pain from the passing of my Grandma I miss my Grandma terribly. I wish God didn't ever have to take my Grandma away from me but everyone told me that they had to take me to say goodbye to my Grandma last week because my Grandma was suffering in a lot of pain and my everyone also told me my Grandma wanted God to take her to Heaven because my Grandma told me she couldn't talk to me on the phone anymore and I was told my Grandma wasn't going to be OK. Even though I'm very sad that my Grandma passed away I'm really happy for my Grandma because she is not suffering and in anymore pain and my Grandma now is pain free living in Heaven with God and everyone told me my Grandma is waiting for me to pass away in a long 40 or 50 years from now so my Grandma and I can play games in Heaven because I'm only 31 and I'm not going to see my Grandma again until God decides to take me to Heaven. God is my healer since I'm in a lot of pain and sadness due the loss of my wonderful Grandma I haven't slept for like a whole week because I have been so sad about the passing of my Grandma it's been very difficult on me since my Grandma has passed away. This is by far my favorite song because since my Grandma passed away and I have been praying eveyday that God heals me because he is our healer

  5. This Song Healer is in Memory of my Two Grandmother’s Margret my Grandmother my Dad’s Mother passed away on May 23rd 1993 And My Other Grandmother Melva my Mom’s Mother Recently Passed away this year 2018 on Sunday January 7th. My Grandmother Margret passed away because she was a smoker and my Other Grandmother Melva passed away because She had conjugated Heart Failure What I miss About my Grandmother Melva is that she used to Play Monopoly with me on Saturday’s and Sunday’s Melva My Grandmother would take me to Church And what I miss about Margret my other Grandmother is that she used to do Hooked on phonics God is my Healer very Emotional And a very beautiful song

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