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  1. Why must we put God in a box? The same people complaining about females preaching in church would've complained about who Jesus picked for his apostles or why did Jesus perform his miracles when he did. Lord forgive us for minimizing your power.

  2. hi, my name is Carlos and I know how you feel and what you are going through. I was in a motorcycle accident 3 years ago, and it had coat me to fall hard from the Lord. to the point that I was left homeless. I was left with nothing but bills. Now I have come to realize that while things are good we can live for God. but when things are difficult we want to give up and go be with the Lord. Now my point us this, now that things are hard let's look up to Him from where all things come into our lives. let us be like Job in the Bible and give worship to the Most High when things are at there worst. why? because He is worthy of that and then some. Do not give up. you are exactly were He has you right now. stand fast like Job and give God praise and wait, I me wait upon the one that gave His life for you and me to live for Him.

  3. Listening to this short clip,really brought me into tears because i felt like God Himself was talking to me..I want to taste more and see that the Lord is good..I want to go back to my first love with the Lord…Please pray with me….

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