Kari Jobe: Here (Official Lyric Video)


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  1. Ok. I'm displeased. My friend lives in the next room and he just grew superb at attracting ladies. The guy went to the Master Attraction website (Lookup in Google) by Jake Ayres. Now I hear him bringing women back. He's consistently having the ladies back. I hear it, which is disgusting. If only he had not discovered that site. My closest friend just signed up and got a blowjob a week later.

  2. My photo is just me messing around for my children back about 1995. I am NOT Lt.Dan 🙂 . This song is AMAZING!!!! I am now a retired Math Teacher (after 34 yrs of teaching public school ). I can NOT tell you the countless Unfair Episodes I experienced espec in the last 8 to 10 yrs of teaching!!!!! I really never LET GO and they always stuck in my mind sticking up their ugly head. I now would like TO FIND REST HERE ( at the feet of Jesus ). Thk U Kari Jobe for such TRUE Lyrics. God bless.

  3. this is so beautiful but idk why i sometimes i feel like a hole in my heart and I KNOW God is with me and thinks of me and loves me but sometimes i just break down and cry and i feel all depresed. I need help from my GOD!!!

  4. Alright. I’m bothered. My cousin resides in the opposite room. I’m irritated because he just got really good at attracting girls. The guy found the Master Attraction website by Jake Ayres (Google it). Now I hear him bringing chicks back. He’s always bringing chicks back and I can’t help but hear it. It’s nasty and I wish he had not discovered that site. I am jealous!

  5. They sang this at church and it had a great impact, God, what would you do if you were me…. I looked around and observed slightly as the music affected my heart as it always does. There were lots of couples and families and from the back observing it was like you could sense the pain in certain relationships. Well, I think if God were me he would let him be, let him heal, move on, pray a lot, and help make the world a more beautiful place. This world is full of an unfathomable amount of pain…. Hope is like oxygen… Lets make sure others have enough to survive.

  6. Powerful song! This tells you that there is a God and He Is Always Here!! I Love All Of Kari Jobes, Song's!! I listen to them daily. I Honestly Can Not Get Enough Do To The Power Of The Lord Almighty Ministering To Me Through Kari Jobe!! Praise God!! God Is Good All The Time and All The Time God Is Good!!

  7. I don't currently practice a religion but tonight, I had a bad night. A few years ago, this was my favourite song, the last time I had played it was went I was paining my bedroom. This song didn't resonate with me religiously this time, but more on a life journey level. I'll find what I'm looking for and what I need, a place to be myself, if I remember to breathe.

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