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  1. Nothing that will qualify me, my life or anything that I have done. It is by the blood, by HIs precious blood that a sinner like me can come to the Holy Presence of a Holy Living God. What a joy, to be clean, to be accepted, to be loved and all because He paid the price. O the blood, O the precious blood that paid the price for me…

  2. Father God’s Son, shedding the Blood of God through His wounds, pouring out on us like a river of Life giving us Spiritual resurrection from an earthly and hellish death. There is so much awesome love and power in God’s Heart that was pumped out to us when His Son gave it all on that cross. Thank you Father God, Lord Jesus and blessed Holy Spirit for your love and thank you Lord Jesus for your Precious Blood.

  3. God bless you. Would your pray for south korea and north korea? Kim Jong Un has set himself up as a God. He's taken the tenets of the Christian faith and the regime has perverted that to worship him as a deity." So pray for moving his mind and set christian free in north korea.
    For south korea : South korea president moon – jae – in is very suspicious people. He is decorated as good person, but he is keeping closer with kim-jeong-un. And also his policy are concerned about anti-israel, homo sexuality, unconditional aid for north korea(involving forbidden things) . I think this regime is not God's permitted regime. Because it's fruit is very evil But most Korean church doesn't repent and doesn't want to know the truth So we need to prayer. Church is sleeping. And maxism and communism is becoming stronger.

    Lord, make one this separated country and gather all those families who have been scattered everywhere. Let the children of North and South eat from one bowl, and youths to sing songs for a hopeful humanity from one desk. Let the footsteps of the people’s coexistence lead from Hallah to Baek-du and the waves of peaceful co-prosperity surge from Dokdo to the West Sea.

    Thus let the people in this safe and peaceful peninsula nourish the happiness that should be granted to all the seventy million people. And from that oneness, let the people serve all over the world with greater vigor and spirit. We pray in Jesus’ name.

  4. Hi. I'm Jim Adams of Macomb, Illinois, guitarist and a singer since 1976. In obedience to the Biblical command, "Always do the work of an evangelist," I set as my three year goal in Christ our Lord 25, 000,000 people coming to faith in God in Christ Jesus by January 1, 2022 AD, or CE if you prefer. Nothing worth doing is easy. Jesus said, "Be ye perfect as your Father in Heaven is perfect. " It is traditionally said, "Practice makes Perfect." Therefore, also in obedience to scripture, I desire to comply with the Mosaic Decalogue and the six day work week model .I want to wor,k with my hands, pay taxes that I might gain a good name and reputation with outsiders, and that I will be dependent on no one for the gaining of needs,wants and things hoped for. Amen. In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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