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  1. I have taken the time to study them, and no–you're quite wrong, God doesn't change–the same commands the apostles gave out then can be applied today. Women are NOT to be leading/teaching/preaching over men in the church. 1 Tim 3 clearly gives qualification for who can be an elder, and a woman is not given that authority. Neither 1 Cor 14 also the same. Paul taught the same things to all churches. You're right there's more, you must APPLY it, or you're just deceiving yourself.

  2. In light of all this one might say that the common interpretation of 1 timothy 2:11-12 is correct, women should not preach. Is it apostasy for a church to allow women to preach? under the old dispensation women was rather suppressed but relegating women to second class citizens was abolished when Jesus died on the cross, there was no more difference between men and women but all is one in Christ, Galatians 3:28.

  3. In Paul's letter he was addressing the problem with a solution that would restore order. some may disagree but the bible does not speak against women preaching. when we accept Jesus as our lord and savior we take on the responsibility of proclaiming the word of God, how can women do that if they can't speak . ladies take my advice and keep on preaching,teaching and living in a way that is pleasing to God

  4. Musical worship inspires believers to intimacy with our Lord. But it runs deeper than that. How we live our lives completes the panorama of complete worship. It's about a life that goes against how the world lives. Love, patience and mercy replaces pride, self-absorption and self-will. So when that trial comes our way, we respond in the Spirit. And when we are tempted, we shed away our inclination to sin because He has become our all. We were created to worship Him & to enjoy Him forever! GB

  5. Actually in bondage spiritually because of demons and curses which also kept them from worship and out of the Holy Spirit thats the truth check Bob Larson and Jay Bartlett deliverance ministries if you want the truth and love the truth

  6. There's a purpose why i am watching this video right now. This is so timely. I have experienced the "burnout" and i am finding my way back and be filled with a passion for His name. God is leading me back to Him.. Thank You Jesus.. Thank you Kari.

  7. WOW!!! just got through watching all 3 parts of "KARI'S" GOD driven testimony. if your trolling worship music & run across this, I stongly recommend taking some time out to catch this 3 part, basically sermon by kari. yeah, it's diffently a must. if your really feelin worship music "right now" (I can dig it,) & need to move on in your moment of worship in his music, i'm quite sure he(GOD) is into that with you & your journey right now. this is the very same way I found it.come back sometime. ms

  8. I love ur words u say u seem like a very nice lady I'm a recovering alcoholic/addict which has been clean since January of03 which I tried to commit suicide bck then but I go to speak in different places to try to save others from goin down the road I went down I think that is my calling love ya

  9. Thank you God has called me to be a worship leader. I love your CD . And I am 10  I play the saxophone and piano and guitar and ukulele I love to sing tooooooooo much.                     lol

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