Kari Jobe – The Garden (Live)


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  1. My other half was diagnosed with Non-alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver due to NASH in April and from January to then it was test after test to find out what was wrong. Thankfully it’s compensated and still functioning but still very scary as progression varies from person to person but I’m believing for a complete healing in Jesus name. This song has gotten me through this year, which has been the hardest year emotionally of my life, full of fear, anxiety, worry.

    1 second ago
    God is not ,How you feel about Him.
    I guess ,i offended most of you now ,saying Him.
    More stumbling block for you :
    "In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti."
    Keep playing more of your ,meanigless Babble ,most probably in ,lots of Minor Chords.
    Just do not get too :" Christian Emo".
    Surch for the Thuth.

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