Kari Jobe – The More I Seek You w/lyrics


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  1. I been hurting so bad especially on this month my mom passed away in June 15 days before my birthday since then I never celebrated my birthday anymore as I was getting peace in my heart more on June 4th it was my nephew birthday he woke up just to pass away a few minutes later of a heart attack didn't even get to celebrate his birthday now he passes away on this onto too it's now harder my mom passed 15 days before my birthday now my nephew 20 days before my birthday me listen to this worship song brings peace to my heart with tears becuase god never leaves my side thank you God give me the strength to make it threw this month on Saturday more let me focus on you and bring peace to my mom death I love you mom n miss you dearly 😢💔🙏🏻🎈🌹🎈💋

  2. Thank you …. I have prayed to find some of my Favorite Gospel music that got wiped out of my I Pod . I missed my Sunday music that overwhelmed me with love & peace . Jesus taught me patience & the power of prayer – i Seeked & found ! ☦💓☦💓

  3. this reminds me of the story presented in the gospels of when Jesus entered the home of Mary and Martha for a dinner together….it is told that Mary was so caught up in Jesus and His attention to her….. and Martha so consumed with all the preparations for the meal…..yet Mary was in no way chastised for taking the time to bask in the moment of peace with our Savior……oh that we all would take the time away from our business and cherish our Savior in this way…..

  4. Today is exactly 5year I lost my dad and I don't think I've cried out since then. I've had to hold back so so much even when I lost my unborn baby I didn't shed a tear cos I felt I was strong but this song just broke my heart. I want a love so deep that I'd be overwhelmed. My life hasn't been easy but I'm holding on. I really want to lay back against him and breath and feel his heartbeat. In his peace I melt. My rocky heart is melted.

  5. Deuteronomy 4:33 You heard the voice of God speaking out of fire. And you live! The death and resurrection of Jesus tore the veil. This action allows us to enter into the presence of God. He meets us. Together we are one. The Trinity lives in us.

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