Kari Jobe – We Exalt Your Name (Lyrics)


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  1. +shreezan razz shakya I can't tell if you're spamming or if you just want attention, but either way, selling yourself out on YouTube isn't going to help. You should have a real conversation with God and ask Him to help you in this time of loneliness. He knows more about you than I do! 

  2. Yes, Jesus reigns over all the earth. "For God so loved the world that He sent his one and only Son, Jesus, to forgive us." Give Him PRAISE! What a beautiful song. Sharing with a Bible Forum, and thank you, MattStone712. o/

  3. I can write today it's miracle, because my thumb of right hand was bend and now my thumb is normal. So I proud and love Jesus Christ.. Who read this miracle please share your miracle too… 😇😇😇

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