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  1. We all have our own pains, our own wounds.. that healed.. and came back again.. and it feels like a never ending cycle of healing, being wounded again and hurt. That is how i feel too. As a guy I feel like a failure, but I pray that anyone who feels like i do find God as your rock and refuge and mountain to lean on. Jesus is our light and endless source of love. Have courage friends, because God's love is an endless cycle of love… for all of us

  2. God i need miracles i need directions and open doors i need wisdom and strength and most of all, more of You so much more of You. Help me believe, that You are for me. Always. You will never forsake me in my weaknesses. Deliver me Lord into the promised land. i wanna be truly happy again. But still, thank you for all the blessings you have poured out for me. i am still grateful. i am forever thankful. its just one part of my life – my work, that I'm really trying to come to terms with. I am not sure why i am going through all these but i know that in everything You will cause all things to work together for my good. So i shall trust you even when i sit in office and don't understand. In Your time Lord i know You will make it happen. I trust Your timing i trust Your wisdom i trust Your ways. How deep, how wide is Your love for me. i receive Your love, Your favour, Your grace <3

  3. Sister Cari you're truely the dear child of God, God protected u even before you were born with his love and that love is expressed in your songs for the Lord Jesus. May the Grace and love of our Father in Christ Jesus be with you always. keep singing for lord like this it pleases him. Amen.

  4. Kari Jobe easily is the reason why I clicked like for this video but when I saw Klaus on the piano, the like was urgent. Even in disobedience, I can tell myself to listen because I know it will bring me closer

  5. So beautiful, so timely,…"🎵 I know that you are for me,…to remind me who you are,…How deep, how wide is your love for me,…thank you Jesus, for sharing your LOVE through these musicians, in this moment…now. God you are so amazing to me, so wonderful, no time, can ever separate us…God is faithful, always present here, now & forever more….thank you, in Jesus Name, Amen & Amen 🎵🕊

  6. This song and praise is a declaration of the wonders and miracles that god has for us. It has helped me in the darkest times of my life to trust In your love I thank for this song. God you are for me and I know you will never forsake me as you always remind me of who you are in my life

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