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  1. You randomly popped up on my feed, but I LOOOVE that you react to so many KC performances!!! Kelly Clarkson is an absolute treasure and one of my all-time faves. ^.^

    And speaking of all-time faves and great "storytellers", you HAVE to experience Sohyang. She's a contemporary gospel singer from South Korea. She sings in both English and Korean, but paints a story for you like no other. One of the best singers in the world. Reacting to her will (1) introduce you to another amazing artist/diva/queen & (2) potentially draw in more fans/viewers to your channel. Added a few of my fave performances below. Have fun!!!!

    Lean On Me (English) –
    Dear Love (Korean) –
    Hug Me (Korean) –
    Breathe (Korean) –

  2. Omg, 💔💔💔. I've been catching up on a bunch of your reactions, you're awesome! Pleeeease react to Lara Fabian "Je Suis Malade" (with subtitles). She's an international diva, multi-lingual, multi-genre, songwriter, and an amazing ally to LGBTQ. She risked her early career in '97 with "La Différence" in support of gay marriage. I know you will love her.

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