Kings Of Leon – Sex on Fire (Official Music Video)


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  1. Dunno why this song was so popular and often appears in "cool altrock tracks of 200x" etc. This band may have unique sound and vocals (thought it`s questionable) but you still need good melody, rhythm patterns and big guitars to make a great hit. Guess Indie vibes, pretty-faced vox and word "sex" cast a magic on selected group of people.

  2. Who is listening to this masterpiece in December 2018? ❤ Can't believe this came out 9 years ago!
    I wish you a great day and I wanna recommend you another one of my favourite chill out songs: Flo Tusch – Love ain't cheap
    It's a different genre but I love it so much 🙂

  3. So kinda gonna rant about this in a good way lol.

    So this song came out when I was about to turn four years old. My parents were really into this type of music and stuff, so basically my childhood music revolves around this. My dad sometimes has barbecues on the roof of the building that he works at. I remember just somehow going to one of those barbecues, and hearing this song played. When I had that memory I just had to listen to that song again. I knew the name Kings of Leon like it was engraved in my head. Just thinking about it now makes me so happy, and I realize that my music taste would be nothing like it was today if it wasn’t for my parents and this song :)))

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