Klaus & Kari Jobe – How He Loves


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  1. I will never forget the first time I heard God speak to me. It was 2:45 in the morning and woke me from a deep sleep. I have never felt such firmness yet such kindness at the same time. He only said one word to me but I will never forget. He said my name and it struck me at my core and I knew at that moment that he loves me like no other ever will or can!!!

  2. when you experience the love of GOD you will chase and want it more and more.tommy teeney said that the amount of filling will be equal to the amount of hunger that we have and long for God's consuming presence.i long for more of your presence my JESUS.consume me with your love.iloveyou so much my dearest JESUS

  3. Im so blessed to have the privilage of singing this song for my church's women's worship night next Friday. So excited to be able to share my love of the Lord with so many powerful women of God:)

  4. Andrea Cole and whoever else is wondering about the sloppy wet kiss part…I heard the composer John Mark McMillan talk about this before he played the song. He said it's like when your dog gives you that big juicy slobbery kiss and you don't care because that's the nature of the dog! I thought that was hilarious and good imagery. Like a child's, but bad breath too ha ha! Have always loved this song.

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